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THE MLS Partner Experience

Being an MLS Partner ensures that your customers are well taken care of so they continue to use your services and refer others to do so too. You can be the Ferrari, we’ll be your engine. 


Premium Customer Service

Guaranteed to deliver exceptional customer service experiences. Any negatives issues they may have with us, can reflect on you. So we make sure they always get the best client service.


Customised Plans

No two clients are the same. Each client when referred gets a personalised strategy that is tailored to their financial situation.


Constant Partnership Support/Reporting

Always be on track with the progress of your referred clients loans so your pipeline is always up to date. If you have any questions or issues, we are only one email or call away.

Partnership features

Partnering up with MLS is not just about referring your clients. The MLS Partnership is exactly that, a partnership. Our performance will be a reflection of your company’s standard. We will seek to exceed your expectations and as such, make the partnership as a whole shine far brighter than just individual results. We are here to support your bussiness and ensure your deals are being set accross the line.


Always on track with your clients progress


Constant communication


Provide your clients with creative solutions

Easy to use Referral System

Just simply pass on the QR code to your client, who then scans it. After they scan the Code we get their contact details so we can get them talking with our brokers as soon as possible.

Confidential Information

Have no fear of having your clients information unwantedly leaked. As part of our agreement, any information shared with us stays confidential until (if there is a reason to do so) we are given permission to share with a thrid party.

Personalised Service

Each Partner has a personalised code and service. So don’t think you’ll be thrown in a automated system. You will have your own dedicated team to support you at any stage.

A Referral Partner
Case Study:
Your Property Your Wealth

Daniel Walsh, the founder of Your Property Your Wealth was a client of MLS Finance. He himself was looking to secure a loan for his growing investment portfolio. his experience with MLS was a success and he gaines results which far exceeded his expectations. After the settlement, Daniel Walsh came into partnership with MLS Finance as a referral source for new clients which are brought over from his own client base. He continues to refer over clients as they continually leave positive feedback and end up returning for a repeat service. 

The numbers
Don’t Lie

If you think words are not good enough to show you why joining the MLS Finance Family is worth, then lets see the numbers. Daniel Walsh partnered with MLS in 2019 when his business was also seeing rapid growth. Each client that daniel referred were qualified leads that meant business and didn’t require much hand holding throughout the process. This also helped streamline the loan application process. But enough chit chat, Lets see the numbers.

  • Client Satisfaction with service – 75%
  • First time Clients – 100%
  • Happy with advice given – 80%

Total Clients Referred

Number of Loans Written

Investing in property

Total Loans Applications ($M)

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the MLS Partnership Benefit Me?

The MLS Partnership is designed to help you find the best loan for your client and streamline the application process. With a growing list of lending partners and a highly skilled brokerage team, we will find your client the best possible finance solution. We understand that the faster and smoother our process is, the better it will be for your business. 

Who manages the referred clients?

All client interactions are overseen and managed by our expert brokers with years of combined experience in business and commercial finance. They will keep you in the loop with whats going on with your clients deals. As a partner, you will also have access to our workflow system which allows you to see where the client is upto in the their loan process and it ensures that you are always in the loop with any updates. 

Is the clients Information Secure?

100% – Your client’s information remains private and secure, and will not be disclosed to anyone at anytime, unless we are given permission by the client themselves to be able to share their information with any third party. 

Does MLS Contact the client or do we have to send details for contact?

When the referred client is sent the QR Code to scan, they will have to tick an agreement box which equates to the client giving us their consent to be contacted by us and also have their details kept in our database. They always remain your client- just think of us as your back office specialists for your clients and your business. 

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