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How we can help you

Our role as your mortgage specialist is to guide you through the process to ensure that all your needs and options are considered. We make sure that this exciting opportunity is professionally managed to reduce the time and worry for you throughout the purchase or investment of your property.

Residential Lending

We provide residential real estate owners and purchasers access to a variety of mortgage options, supplemented by extensive understanding of credit  and lender policies. 

Investment Loans

At MLS we communicate with you with every step of your loan process from application through to settlement. We take your stress away by liaising with all the third parties to make your finance experience a seamless process.

Commercial Lending

Our relationships within banks, non banks alike, allow us to provide you with competitive finance at superior levels of gearing and terms. With our network of commercial investment specialists, we will ensure your always in the best hands.

Buying Your First Home

Making sure your finances are in check is the first step in buying a property. MLS brokers explain things to you in layman terms helping you stay aligned with your financial goals and objectives whilst providing constant support along the process.

Financial Solutions

At MLS, we make sure you make the most of your financial resources. From strategy identification, development and implementation our expert mortgage brokers are able to help you simplify your finances, set and achieve your goals and better plan for the future.

Vehicle Loans

You save more, because we compare more. We are with you every step of the way, giving each client a personalised service. You can rest knowing you’ve secured a great car loan inline with your budget and needs.

Why use a mortgage Broker?

No two clients are the same

Each client comes to MLS with their own complex situations. But, we don’t stop until we find a solution to have the clients achieve their property purchase or investment goals. Both in the short-term and long-term.




What Makes Us Different?

The 8 Pillars of MLS Finance

At MLS we teach you throughout the process so that once settled, you leave more educated. That means you come away from a phone call or meeting feeling like you know more than you did going in: more prepared, more confident, and more in control of your property journey. The more you know what’s going on and how it is happening, the smoother the loan process is. 

MLS brokers are experts in the property game, with years of combined knowledge and specialisation. Hence, we are able to explain in simple terms what type of loan products and features are available and more importantly why (or if) you should consider them. This means working with you to develop a personalised strategy that works for you, then stick with the plan to make sure it’s executed efficiently and accurately. No finance jargon, just simple easy to follow language. 

We can’t give much advice without knowing about you, your financial goals, and your expectations. That takes active listening and questioning skills. MLS brokers have them in spades. We pride ourselves on our ability to clearly understand your situation and devise a strategy that doesn’t sacrifice any of your financial goals or objectives. We strive to ensure your short and long-term property goals are achieved.

When it comes to borrowing several hundred thousand dollars (even millions), it’s completely understandable that you are going to have a million and one questions about the process (no pun intended). MLS Finance has a general air of honesty and transparency. We ensure that, at any stage, we are willing to answer all your property and mortgage questions in the most direct manner and in as much detail as you require. When it comes to building your wealth, there shouldn’t be anything to hide.

Broking is not simply about setting up the best deals. It’s also about building valuable relationships. Given the average home loan runs from 25 to 30 years, a mortgage broker’s relationship with their clients could run the same course. Therefore, we don’t see a mortgage application as a one-off transaction; we approach it as the start of a lifelong relationship. This is even more significant in property investment, not only are we building you a strong investment portfolio, we’re building a relationship to match.

This goes hand-in-hand with being a good listener, as understanding what each client is likely to need at different stages in their life and then proactively helping them along their property journey adds value to what we do.


At MLS, we communicate with you at every stage of your loan process from application through to settlement. We take the stress away from you by liaising with any third parties that are required to make your property experience a stress-free and seamless process.

Being in the dark (even though nothing is happening) can be an uncomfortable feeling. You may be urged to call, email or message the broker every day to see what stage your application is at. But at MLS, we are prepared to correspond frequently and are willing to provide updates even if it seems there’s not much news to share. We understand, as we are investors ourselves,  that you’re watching the process and are up to speed with everything that’s going on can be enough to take the edge off a tense situation for someone awaiting the outcome of their huge financial commitment. 

Every client is different. No one understands this better than MLS. This means that we are genuinely interested in your current and future financial situation and loan needs for your property goals. This allows us to devise a personalised strategy/solution to handle your individual situation, no matter how complex it may be, to achieve your property investment or pruchase goals and objectives. 

Property Investment

Get your property guide essentials booklet.

First Home Buyers

Get your first home buyers essentials guide.

Commercial & Business Loans

Personalised solutions for all types of businesses.

Vehicle & Equipment Loans

Learn how to get your vehicle or equipment sooner with the right finance help.

Our Team

At MLS Finance, we pride ourselves on helping people who want to invest in a property portfolio to grow their wealth to provide them financial security. Having clients achieve their financial dreams is what truly motivates and inspires us.

We are in existence because our founder and Director, Sze Chuah has had a passion for property investment for many years and saw the huge impact that it had in his own life.

Given finance was always the biggest challenge in investing, Sze wanted to create a business that would truly understand and cater to investors like himself.

Now, with a growing team with over 15 staff, MLS is seeing rapid growth. Members of the team come from all walk of life, bringing richness to the MLS culture. Not only do we host a diverse group of highly talented individuals, but we as a cohesive and synergistic collective, we provide the best results for our clients.

Located in Parramatta, the hub for cultural diversity, we’re the mortgage brokers for the people. 


Words From Our Clients

We know the website is supposed to be all fancy words trying to persuade you. But you don’t have to take our word for it…

Indrawati Rosemary
Indrawati Rosemary
Been dealing with MLS for several years. Sze and Kevin been exceptional in their service. Definately will use them for years to come. Thanks for your help.
Steve Holden
Steve Holden
Great service again from the team at MLS finance. In a nutshell Sze , Wayne and the team can make it happen. Always quick to respond and thinking outside the box with sensible finance solutions. Couldn't do it without you. Highly recommended for first time borrowers or the more sophisticated investor.
Annette Mahony
Annette Mahony
The Team at MLS have helped us get our new family home. They worked hard to get our approval within the short time frame we gave them and they delivered. Highly recommend MLS and especially Wayne and Steph. Thanks for all your help guys!
Matt Piper
Matt Piper
I was introduced to the team at MLS and their service was extremely quick and professional. Jarrod & Wayne went through with me to find the best loan to suit my current situation. Once I had purchased my property there was a quick turn around required and they reached the settlement with no issues. I am now currently going through refinancing a previous loan due to the professionalism that was provided on my first loan with MLS. I cannot wait to grow this partnership further. Thank you Jarrod & Wayne!
Michael Oliver
Michael Oliver
Thanks Wayne for all your excellent work as always, we put a fair bit of pressure on due to the quick time frame needed to secure the funds required for our purchase, we have recommended several people to use your service, some have taken up the opportunity and are also very pleased.
Tariq Eltahir
Tariq Eltahir
Sze was great from first contact and Kevin handled the rest professionally. Couldn't recommend these guys enough from first finances run through to purchasing of my first property they were always happy to help, timely, and Kevin answered all my late night questions without hesitation. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Orz Akdemir
Orz Akdemir
Sze and his team at MLS Finance are amazing and they are awesome to communicate and deal with. If you need a new loan or just want to save thousands of dollars in interest by simply refinancing, MLS Finance are your guys and I can highly recommend them.
Michael Caserta
Michael Caserta
I would recommend MLS to anyone. Excellent service and knowledge. Thanks again MLS!!
Poonam Chhugani-Bhamgara
Poonam Chhugani-Bhamgara
I highly recommend MLS Finance. They calmly handle all paperwork and get the work done.
Alan Leones
Alan Leones
I've known and worked with Sze and his team for more than 5 years now and MLS have always been professional. They helped us secure our first home, and were instrumental in helping us achieve pre-approval for our next investment property. They always take the time to discuss any of our issues and provide great insight in to how we can execute our financial independence strategy. Would highly recommend these guys for anybody looking to achieve financial wealth!

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