Michael Molloy

Mortgage Broker

Michael is a fantastic mortgage broker with a strong background in
property investment and development in Australia and overseas. As a
keen investor himself, he always keeps up to date with the latest trends 

and market movements to support his clients.
Michael has over 15 years experience in the Financial Services Industry
with a strong focus on technology and delivery. This gives him the
ability to adapt and solve complex challenges whilst always delivering
the very best customer service.
In his free time, Michael enjoys spending time with his wife, son and 2
dogs, travelling and running Ultramarathons!

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P: 02 9635 1888
M: 0424 969 595
Suite 3, Level 2
460 Church Street, Parramatta NSW 2150


Australian Credit Licence Number:
617 251 037

CRN Number: 445485
ABN: 24 617 251 037


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Licence Number: 390261
ABN: 66 138 789 161
Date Commenced: 21/12/2010