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Multiple Loans

If your unsure about which loan is suited for you, we can provide you with superior guidance focusing on increasing your profits and minimising your costs. Reach out to us or learn more about the various types of loans on offer.

Home Loans

Looking to purchase your first home or invest in property? We provide tailored solutions to each individual client – ensuring you get the optimal strategy based on your circumstances.

Business Finance

We advise on the best business loan products to fund your business growth and finance business initiatives. Businesses come with their own complexities, but our expert brokers carefully listen to the problem and formulate a direct remedy.


Debt can be like a dark cloud over your head. But with the right advice and guidance, the cloud can be pushed away and the sun brought in. MLS finance specialises in maximising your borrowing capacity to help get you in the property game.

Budgeting Better

doing things on your own can be tough if you don’t have a strategic goal set first. MLS Finance can assist in establishing a budgeting plan in order to get you started on your property investment journey.

Money Management

Do you have various channels where your money is coming in and out off, making it harder to track and manage? Our expert brokers can help you identify and pool those channels together allowing you to better see what you can and can’t do with your finances.



The entire MLS team has been exceptional to deal with in the 5 years I've known them. Always give you the time of day when you have any questions and able to get many deals done all the while making your life easier and more convenient along the way compared to the 4 brokers I'd used in the past. Would highly recommend the MLS team to anyone.

Chris Jekki

The mortgage brokers at MLS Finance are extremely dedicated, professional and a pleasure to work with. My purchase of property was far from smooth, with the bank taking months to provide unconditional approval. Wayne, Steph and Winston worked tirelessly to help me secure an alternate lender before settlement date and were extremely prompt and clear in their communications with me. I would highly recommend MLS finance for their high quality service.

Hikari Saber

Sze and his team at MLS finance are fantastic at what they do and a pleasure to deal with. Kevin has taken the lead and organised a few loans and extensions for us. He is very professional and personable and I have no hesitation in recommending him and MLS Finance to anyone looking for new loan with minimal headaches as possible (which unfortunately goes hand in hand when dealing with banks).

Oguz Akdemir

Big thanks to Wayne for his help sorting out the finance for our two investment properties. Always very responsive, and takes the time to lay out all the options in plain English. Have already recommended Wayne and MLS to family.

Robert Quint

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