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Nothing’s worse than having emails bombarding your inbox when you couldn’t care less for what it has in it.

At MLS we truly believe in the personalised service. We’re here for you and want to continue building on that relationship from your first investment or purchase till your 50th (far-fetched, but if you want to get there, we’re here to help!). 

So what can yo expect from our emails:

Personalised content based on YOUR selection of topics.

Relevant information specific to YOU.

Consistently ensure you get the material you want. EVERYTIME.

Don’t be worried about spam emails or unnecessary information. We pull data that you’ve given us and use that to cater the content specific to you. Don’t want to sit down and go over a 500 page market update? Fear not, our emails gives you bite-sized content to ensure you get the most out of what we have to say without needing to spend 30 minutes to read it.

Piece of mind, and piece of cake! 

Don’t believe us? See the numbers below – numbers don’t lie 🙂

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This category gives you a general information containing a rundown of current market trends, investing and finance tips and gerenal information about property investment. Don’t want too specific articles – this one’s for you.

Property Investment

Anything you want to know about investing in property, this is your go to. Where’s a good spot to invest, how to streamline your loan application, basically everything we think that will help you build your portfolio or get you in the right position to start investing.


This category ensures you refinance at the right time and get a hold of us when it best suits you. Includes advice, tips, and tricks to make this process smoother and efficient. Time is money! Perfect if you’re looking to refinance soon.

Property Purchase

Best for First Home Buyers, or young/first-time investors. Get VIP access to special content like podcasts, reports and other information. We give you regular market updates, tips and tricks.

Commercial Real Estate

Looking to invest in commercial property? This one’s for you. Stay ahead of the competition and get tailored information based on the most effective strategy for you. It’s a big investment, so get the right advice.

Business to Business

For our partners or our partner’s to be. See what’s in store for MLS as a business and what that means for you. Stay in the know with lender updates, client feedback and efficient business processes.

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