Kevin Quach

Broker Associate & Project Lead, MLS Finance.

Kevin’s Story

Kevin assists in collating loan documentation and communicating with relevant stakeholders.

As a University of Sydney graduate majoring in finance, Kevin brings a diverse skill set including teamwork, attention to detail and even IT support. Through his adaptability and willingness to learn, Kevin has fast become a valuable asset to the team.

Kevin is an avid fan of martial arts including Taekwondo and Brazilian jujitsu and loves to kick butt in his free time.

Kevin Quach

Recognition & Awards

I highly recommend Kevin and the team at MLS finance. He provided a super fast service & has a sound understanding of how to secure finance with complex property portfolios. I couldn't recommend him highly enough & look forward to future endeavours together.

– Jye K.

I have used MLS Finance a number of times now for my investment and home loans. Kevin took the hassle out of dealing with the banks. He dealt with everything from start to finish and kept you well informed along the way.

– Ian M.

Kevin provided great customer service; responsive, attentive, kind and caring. I was very happy with the lender outcome.

– Jodie W.

Kevin helped MLS Finance work their way into the top 10 Australian Broker Brokerage of the year when MLS only had as little as 5 Staff!

– AustralianBroker 2019.

Client have often spoke of Kevin’s ability to break down difficult scenarios into layman turns, making even the most inexperienced investor into an expert. This ability stems from his one-on-one coaching of over 25 students in mathematics. 

– The Adviser 2019.

Kevin has proven his displicline not only in his work ethic toward MLS Finance clients, but also in the Martial Arts arena. Kevin is a 2nd Dan Taekwondo martial artist and has taken part in local, state and national competitions since 2012.

– Martial Arts 2012 – Present.

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P: 02 9635 1888
M: 0424 969 595
Suite 3, Level 2
460 Church Street, Parramatta NSW 2150


Australian Credit Licence Number:
617 251 037

CRN Number: 445485
ABN: 24 617 251 037


Vow Financial Pty Ltd
Licence Number: 390261
ABN: 66 138 789 161
Date Commenced: 21/12/2010